Information Technology Department
Fort St. George, Chennai -9

Letter No. 253/MIE.2/2000 dated 17.7.2000


Thiru D. Prakash, IAS
Secretary to Government


All Secretaries to Government (including Law and Finance)
All Members of State IT Task Force
The Chairman, Sub-Committee on Tamil in IT of the State IT Task Force
All Members of Sub-Committee on Tamil in IT of the State IT Task Force





Information Technology - Standards prescribed for Tamil Key Board and Coding of Tamil Scripts - Testing and Certification - Products tested and Certified by Tvl. Kanithamizh Sangam - Regarding.




1. G.O.Ms.No.17 Information Technology dated 13.6.1999
2. G.O.Ms.No.28 Information Technology dated 09.8.1999
3. Govt.Lr.No. 1039/MIE.2/99-1 Information Technology dated 24.1.2000
4. Govt.Lr.No. 133/MIE.2/2000- 1 Information Technology dated 27.3.2000
5. From the Chairman of Sub-Committee on Tamil in IT Letter dated 26.6.2000


         In the Government letter fourth cited a list of hardware and software items which have been duly certified by Tvl.Kanithamizh Sangam, Chennai to be in conformity with the standards and specifications prescribed in the Government order first cited as amended in the Government letter third cited, and recommended by the sub-Committee of the State IT Task Force on Tamil in IT were communication.

2.      In his letter fifth cited, the Chairman of Sub-Committee on Tamil in IT of the State IT Task Force has sent a list of seven more software products that have been Certified by the Kanithamizh Sangam and recommended by the Sub-Committee on Tamil In IT of the State IT Task Force for consideration of the Government.

3.     A list containing details of seven hardware and software items that have been duly certified by Tvl. Kanithamizh Sangam is annexed for information of the user Departments/Corporations/Boards etc. Procurement of these products will be subject to the usual procurement formalities. All such Departments / Corporations / Boards etc. May also utilise the services of Tvl. ELCOT, Nandanam, Chennai - 35 for procurement of any of these products in terms of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.58 Finance (BPE) Department, dated 16.2.1999.

4.     The details of the products listed in the annexure will also be available for reference at the following websites:


5.     All the departments of Secretariat are requested to bring the contents of this Letter and its annexure to the attention of Heads of Departments / Undertakings/ Corporations / Boards etc. under their administrative control for their guidance.

Yours faithfully,


For Secretary to Government


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