Step-by-step instructions for Tamil Font installation


For Windows Users:

(a) Right Click on the links and Click on Save Target As... for Internet Explorer. For Netscape browsers Right Click on the links and Click on Save Link Target As... .


 (ii) TABXPONI.TTF (For Lexicon)


(You need TAM font to view Pals dictionary and Madras university dictionaries)


(i)A window will appear.

Check the option " Save this file to disk" and press Ok.


(ii)A window opens asking for the location for saving file. Select the loaction

"C:\windows\fonts" and press the button "Save".

(c) If you want to use any other TAM or TAB font, install the desired font in your

system, and do the following:

áááááá(i) Click Tools -> Internet options -> Fonts -> set Language script as "User

defined" -> set Web page font as "Desired font" -> click "Ok" -> and Ok.

(d) For Internet Explorer, please set the encoding to User Defined
(click View->Encoding->User Defined from the browser menu)

For Netscape, please set the encoding to User-Defined
(click View->Character Set ->User-Defined from the browser menu)

(e) This should let you see Tamil documents in Tamil script.

If you still face problems, please send a mail explaining your problem to webmaster@tamilvu.org



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