In this narrative poem, Princess Amudavalli is taught the art of composing poems by a young poet-உதாரன். The King takes serious precautions not to let them see each other lest they might fall in love. But all his efforts fail and the young teacher and the learner do fall in love. When the King comes to know of this, he sentences உதாரன் to death. Udharan is agitated over the social discrimination between the high-born and the low-born, while the supposedly low-born labourers are the very source and strength for the nation’s welfare and development. He is sad that his skill in poetic creation in Tamil has become the cause for his death. The people of the country, provoked by the King’s unfair measure, demand justice. Finally udharan is saved from the punishment and the lovers are united. The value of Democracy is upheld in this Narrative.