C02111 தமிழ் இலக்கண அறிமுகம் (எழுத்து, சொல்)

This lesson brings out the relationship between literature and grammar. There are five divisions in Tamil Grammar. They are letter, word, contents poetics, and figures of speech. called எழுத்திலக்கணம், சொல் இலக்கணம், பொருள் இலக்கணம், யாப்பிலக்கணம் and அணி இலக்கணம் respectively. Grammatical works in each division are also described. தொல்காப்பியம் and நன்னூல் are rare treatises of Tamil grammar. Tamil Literature was first created in oral form. When it was presented in written form, thoughts of the structure of the langauge arose. Over the years there occurred changes in literature. Consequently grammar had also to be changed. Such alternate changes gave birth to newer grammatical works. The grammar of letters (எழுத்திலக்கணம்) presents the kinds of letters. temporal aspects of their pronunciation, the origin of letters and their sounds and grammar of linkforms. Link forms called சந்தி tell us about changes in the last letter of the first word and in the first letter of the second word when they occur in an utterance or a sentence. The word grammar (சொல் இலக்கணம்) classifies words into nouns, verbs. word-parts and qualifiers called பெயர், வினை,இடை, மற்றும் உரிச் சொற்கள். The grammar of contents (பொருள் இலக்கணம்) is special to Tamil grammar. The subject matter for literary creations is dealt with in this grammar. Love life is the subject of intrinsic information and war. valour. sympathy, non-permanence, gifts and education belong to extrinsic information. Tamil literature was primarily poetic in form. The structure, the sound, and the types of poems are treated in Tamil poetics called யாப்பிலக்கணம். After the sangam literature appeared devotional (பக்தி இலக்கியம்) and several other forms of literature such as தூது (message), உலா (cruising). அந்தாதி (Begin from the end of poems). மாலை (garland of poems) and பிள்ளைத்தமிழ் (Treating the hero as a child). The grammar of these works was called poetic structure (பாட்டியல்). Camparisons were used by creators for the sake of aesthetics and subject classification. Such comparison and ideation are called அணி. The grammar of figures of speech is dealt with in அணி இலக்கணம். In the Introduction of letter grammar the shapes and kinds of letters are presented. Composition and connectives are also dealt with here. In the Introduction of word grammar status (திணை) gender (பால்), number (எண்) and place (இடம்) are illustrated. Their effect on Tamil words is described. Literary and grammatical terms are also introduced.