Lesson - 4 : P10144

The Novels of K. Daniel

This lesson will teach you all about the Sri Lankan Tamil writer, K. Daniel and his indefatigable quest for a solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. His novel "Kaanal" reveals his social consciousness, his characterization and style.

    K. Daniel was born in 1927 in Jaffna. He was imprisoned for eleven months for having participated in the protests of the Sri Lankan Tamils. Later, he came to India and settled down in Thanjavur. He was the organizer of the Untouchability Eradication Movement, and the President of the People's Art and Literature Association. He died in 1986 in Thanjavur.

    Daniel's short stories and novels describe social irregularities in the 1960s and aim at stimulating reformist feelings in the readers. Notable among the Dalit novels written by Daniel are:

    Panchamar, Govindan, Poraalikal Kaathirukinranar, Adimaikal, Kaanal and Thanneer

    In addition, Daniel has also authored several novellas and short stories.

    Daniel believed that unless there are changes in the basic structure of society, irregularities will always remain. Literature should be one of the weapons capable of establishing a society devoid of social, economic and religious differences. His novel "Kaanal" was written with this objective.

    By reading the novels of Daniel, we can understand the culture and customs of the ancient Sri Lankan Tamils. We can also learn about their social structure, political conditions and ethnic conflicts.

    Thus, this lesson teaches you all about the conditions of the Sri Lankan Tamils, especially the Dalits, their hard work, sacrifice and so on.