Lesson - 6

p20226 Philosophy and its Explanation

     This lesson talks about the philosophy behind Vainavam. Vainavam speaks of twenty four tattvas - namely elements. They have been mentioned in the writings of the Alwars. These tattvas are split into three categories namely Sithu, Asithu and Eswaran. Saiva’s consider the world to be composed of thirty six tattvas.

     The tattvas mentioned are divided into four categories and are listed below. The Panchaboodhangal also known as Aindhu Paruporulkal consist of

Nilam - earth
Neer - water
Thee - fire
Kaatru - air
Vaanam - sky

Five Arikaruvigal / sense - organs are

Mei - body
Vaai - mouth
Kann - eye
Mooku - nose
Sevi - ears

The subtle five are

Suvai - taste
Oli - sight
Ooru - touch
Oosai - sound
Naatram - smell

The five Tholirkaruvigal / organs of action are

Vaai - mouth
Kai - hand
Kaal - leg etc

     Thus the tattvas are explained.