C02113 : எழுத்து இலக்கணத்தின் அமைப்பு

Letter as the basic unit of language is divided into basic and allied letters in this lesson. Vowel and consonant letters, as well as indicative, interrogative and pattern letters and explained. The time taken to pronounce vowels and consonants is identified. Allied letters are vowel-consonant combines (உயிர் மெய் எழுத்துக்கள்) and special letter (ஆய்தம்). Vowel letters include five short forms (குறில்) and seven long forms (நெடில்). Consonant letters comprise six hard ones (க்,ச்,ட்,த்,ப்,and ற்), six soft ones (ங்,ஞ்,ண்,ந்,ம் and ன்) six medials (ய்,ர்,ல்,வ்,ழ்,ள்) The letters அ,இ and உ are used to point to something and hence called சுட்டெழுத்துகள். Similarly எ,யா,ஆ,ஓ and ஏ are letters used to form questions. They are வினா எழுத்துகள் occurring in the beginning, the end or both the places to form interrogative words. For naming the letters, certain expressions are added to the concerned letter such as அகரம், ஒளகாரம், ஐகான், (all vowels) மஃகான் (special letter) and (consonants). These additions கரம், காரம், கான் and are called சாரியை. The time taken to pronounce a letter is called மாத்திரை.Short vowels and vowel-consonant combines take one, long ones take two and consonants half the time unit called மாத்திரை.