C03145 - வாழ்வியலும் சமுதாயமும்
[ The Nature of Life and Society ]

    The way of life and the nature of society in early Tamil history was remarkable. People lived a moral life as indicated in books on dharma. They lived happly with friends and relatives. They showed great respect to religious leaders, poets and temple priests. Individual life, family life and social life were commendable.

    Men who died bravely in the battlefields were much respected in society. நடுகற்கள் were planted in order to commemorated their memory.

    The courts of justice in small towns were known as கரணம்; big towns as அதிகரணம். Murder was punished with தலைவிலை or hanging. However in special cases, murderers were pardoned, Mercy was shown in cases of crimes committed accidentally.

    Taxes were the major source of revenue. However taxes were waived for deserving people. Caste was determined according to the jobs; Society was divided into two large groups called வலங்கை and இடங்கை. Each caste had certain rights and duties.

    Several beliefs were prevelent King வீரசோழன் built a Siva temple as a redressal for a solar eclipse occuring in his star. Wells were dug near tombstones of the dead, to quench their thirst. People believed in Heaven and hell.

    Tamils lived a highly cultured, enlightened and moral life in the early times, as revealed through the inscriptions.