The life of சுந்தரர் the last of the three great Saivite Saints is presented in this section. Like சம்பந்தர் and நாவுக்கரசர், சுந்தரர் too was given this name later in life. The well-known story of how Lord Siva, in the form of an old man stopped Sundarar’s wedding, claiming him to be under his bondage and how Sundarar angrily denounced him as "பித்தன்" or mad-man is told. When சுந்தரர் realises that it is none other than the Lord Himself who had come to claim him for His work, he sings his first தேவாரம் addressing

the Lord as a madman. சுந்தரர் who was claimed by the Lord when in wedding finery is blessed with eternal beauty. Hence his name சுந்தரர்.

The uniqueness of Sundarar’s compositions is their visualisation of God as a friend. a companion. He also composed songs in praise of devotees of Siva called திருத்தொண்டத் தொகை, As with சம்பந்தர் and நாவுக்கரசர், Sundarar’s தேவாரம் too had miraculous effects.

Sundarar’s compositions numbering 38,000 are melodious and set to invigorating rhythm.