Prof. R. MADHIVANAN, M.A., Ph.D.,
Chief Editor.

Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project.
Chennai - 600 008.


Prof. G. Devaneya Pavanar, the doyen among linguists, known as moli Gnayiru (the rising sun of Philology) proved to be a unflappable discoverer of roots of words. Prof. Hakola (Finland), Prof. Levitt, M.B. Emeneau (U.S.A.,) and T. Burrow (U.K.,) approved Pavaner as an etymologists of great repute. The great Tamil scholar Maraimalai Adigal glorified "In the study of words Pavanar's work is unique and he is unrivalled unmatched".

Pavanar dedicated his full span of life for the cause of research in Tamil. Neither poverty nor laziness hindered his intellectual advancement. Even nights have become days for him. He strove to establish Tamil as the progenitor of the languages of man. It was a matter of surprise when the scientists came forward to split the atom. Now it has become still a matter of much more surprise when Pavanar came forward to split the root of words till the origin of human speech. His work Verccol Katturaigal speaks volumes about it.

I was fortunate enough to happen to be his assistant and reliable desciple as well, in the historical and monumental work of compiling the multi-volume Etymological Dictionary of the Tamil language. The sweet, worthy and everlasting memories of my mentor is really an asset and guiding star for my endeavour and enlightenment. Pavalareru Perunchittiranar, a champion of Tamil purist movement and a great poet, who continued to be an ardent lover and patron of Pavanar, penpictured him as an embodiment of excellence and essence of Tamil, enabling to standardise itself retaining the prestine purity and historic antiquity after the great grammarian Tolkappiyar.