This lesson presents a brief life-history of the poet Subramania Bharathi. It is given under five main headings (1) Bharathi's birth and childhood, (2) Bharathi's youth amidst poverty, (3) Bharathi's career in journalism and his involvement in the freedom struggle of India, (4) Ten years of Bharathi's life in Pondichery and (5) the last three years of Bharathi. Bharathi's birth and childhood highlights Bharathi's interest in composing poems even as a child and his dislike for formal education. Bharathi's youth focuses on how his personality got shaped during his four year stay at Benares. It also talks about his career at the court of Ettayapuram chieftain and as teacher at Madurai. The third main heading devotes itself to a detailed account of Bharathi's contribution to Indian National Freedom and to social reform though his career as a journalist.

The ten years at Pondichery helped Bharathi to continue his struggle against the British from within the French territory. Life in Pondichery shaped Bharathi's personality further 'particularly because of the association it brought with people like Aurobindo and VVS Iyer. The ten years turned out to be a very productive period with significant literary contributions and activities of social reformation. The last three years, dealt with in the fourth section talks don't the stiff opposition to his reformative zeal shown by the people of Kadayam, where he happened to live. It also talks about other disappointments faced by Bharathi. The sources from where he expected help failed to render any support. His plan about publishing his work did not materialise. Yet he conducted himself with dignity. The last section talks about his return to Madras as a sub-editor of 'Swadesa Mitran'and about his end following a brief illness.