C01233 - குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம்

குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம், one of the varieties of சிற்றிலக்கியம் is full of literary beauty. It is dramatic and musical and has the features of folk literature.

How did குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம் get its name ? Here குறவன் and குறத்தி (gypsies) converse with each other; one குறத்தி foretells the future. Further வஞ்சி means ‘girl’ and the main character is a gypsy girl.

குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம் had its origins in தொல்காப்பியம். The heroine feels sad on separation from the hero; her mother and foster mother consult the குறத்தி to find out why she is sad. We find குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம் in Sangam literature as well; for example ஐங்குறுநூறு.

Shall we consider the characteristics of குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம்? Let us take திருக்குற்றாலக்குறவஞ்சி as an example. It got its name from the place குற்றாலம்.

What are the different parts of குறவஞ்சி இலக்கியம் ? Invocation; arrival of lord Ganapathi, arrival of கட்டியக்காரன், details about the hero, the heroine, the gypsy and singan; the foretelling by the gypsy; marriage of the hero and heroine; blessings and conclusion. After the invocation, the poet makes a statement of modesty. The poet says no one will ignore his work as it is sung in praise of

The hero, குற்றாலநாதர் on his rounds and people flock to see him. Women also rush, forgetting themselves. Charmed by his beauty they realize that it is lord Siva himself. The heroine, வசந்தவல்லி is playing with her ball. On seeing the lord she is filled with love and longing. She sends her friend as a messenger.

In the meantime குறத்தி comes there; she sings the praise of the hero. She talks about the glory of her country and the mountains. Then she foretells the future of the heroine. Vasanthavalli is happy and gives her presents.

சிங்கன், the husband of குறத்தி comes in search of her. He misses his wife and searches for her. Finally he finds her in
திருக்குற்றாலம். He is now happy, like a bee drunk with honey.