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Tamil Virtual Academy

Tamil Virtual Academy

TAMIL VIRTUAL ACADEMY - தமிழ் இணையக் கல்விக்கழகம்

Tamil Computing Tools


Tamil Virtual Academy proposed to develop Tamil computing software for the use of   Tamil society and Tamil computing researchers. Government of      Tamilnadu have  sanctioned a sum of Rs.1.5 crores for the “Development of Tamil computing softwares” in G.O (2D) No: 26, dated 15-10-2015 under Tamilnadu innovative Initiatives Schemes (Part II Scheme) for the year 2015-16.  Accordingly 15 projects have been identified and 2 products have been already inaugurated by our honorable Chief Minister. Currently the following 10 projects have been completed and are now inaugurated by our honorable Chief Minister.

  1. Tamilinaiyam  - Sol Pesi - A text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis Download (Zip format)
  2. Tamilinaiyam  - Vivasaaya Thakavi - A speech-enabled interactive enquiry system for agriculture http://speech.ssn.edu.in/ agri_home/ welcome.html
  3. Tamilinaiyam  - Tolkappiya Thakaval Peruvi - Tamil Grammar learning & teaching Tool Download (Zip format)
  4. Tamilinaiyam  - Tamil Payirruvi - Tamil language learning & teaching Tool Download (Zip format)
  5. Tamilinaiyam  - Nigazaayvi - A Tamil Mobile app that fetches events from Web - It brings Events into your hand tvademo/
  6. Tamilinaiyam  - Pizhaithiruthi - A Tamil Spell checker that identifies the spelling errors in Tamil text. Download (Zip format)
  7. Tamilinaiyam  - Agaraathithoguppi – Compilation of many Tamil Dictionaries. Download (Zip format)
  8. Tamilinaiyam  - Karuthukalavu – A Tamil Plagiarism detecting tool. - http://karuthukalavu.palkalai.com/
  9. Tamilinaiyam  - Sotrodarthoguppi – Online Tamil sentence aggregator tool. Download (Zip format)
  10. Tamilinaiyam  - Tharavupagupaayvi – Tamil corpus analysis tool. Download (Zip format)