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Tamil Virtual Academy

Tamil Virtual Academy

TAMIL VIRTUAL ACADEMY - தமிழ் இணையக் கல்விக்கழகம்


Introduction and structure

        The Tamils living in different parts of the world, in order to preserve their cultural identity and observe their traditions and values, need to maintain familiarity with Tamil and be knowledgeable about their heritage.Recognising this fact and for meeting the felt and emerging needs of the Tamil Communities and others interested in Tamil studies, the Chief Minister of the Government of Tamil Nadu, announced at an International Seminar and Conference on Information Technology in February 1999 that a Tamil Virtual University (TVU) would be setup.This University has been established in pursuance of that announcement. The functions of TVA are guided by a Board of Directors and is administered by a full time Director. Now, its name has been changed as Tamil Virtual Academy.

Programmes of TVA

The functions of TVA include Internet based Educational Programmes, Digital Library and Development of Tamil computing.(Fig 02.).


The Tamil Virtual Academy aims at providing Internet-based resources and opportunities for the Tamil communities living in different parts of the globe as well as others interested in learning Tamil, Science, Technology, Tamil Computing software and acquiring knowledge of the history, art, literature and culture of the Tamils and to identify, establish, maintain and promote the solutions for the Tamil computing requirements of Tamil Diaspora, Government, Educational, Media and Business institutions.



  • To develop Tamil Computing solutions.
  • To develop and deliver Internet based learning material in Tamil language, literature and culture to global Tamil Communities and others interested.
  • To develop and deliver customised programmes to meet the cultural needs of the Tamil Communities in different parts of the world and help them retain contact with their heritage.
  • To initiate and continue necessary measures to co-ordinate and pool together knowledge resources developed in Tamil in different parts of the world, to ensure wider dissemination.
  • To offer academic programmes in Tamil Language, literature and culture for audit or credit and to award appropriate Certificate/Diploma/Degree through Tamil University, Thanjavur on completion of prescribed requirements.
Tamil Virtual Academy Chairman

DR. Santosh Babu IAS

Chairman & Director, Tamil Virtual Academy

Secretary to Government, Information Technology

Government of Tamil Nadu.